Estero is updating and preparing the Village’s first Land Development Code (LDC). Since its incorporation in 2014, the Village has used the Lee County Land Development Code as its transitional LDC. However, with adoption of the new comprehensive plan in June 2018 and its effective date thereafter, the community’s collective vision and land use policy direction for future growth and development will be established. The updated LDC will implement the policy direction in the new comprehensive plan. The update will also ensure the Village's development regulations are more user-friendly than the transitional LDC, modernized, and aligned with contemporary zoning best practices.

The LDC update project is a significant undertaking. It is expected to take over a year to complete.

project timeline


The Land Development Code update is a significant undertaking, and is expected to take over a year to complete. The project is divided into five tasks, summarized below:


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  • Task 1: Project Initiation

    This includes the project team’s background analysis of current policies and regulations, review of the new comprehensive plan, public outreach to identify the key goals for the project, and receive input on the strengths and weaknesses of the current LDC.

  • Task 2: Land Development Code (LDC) Assessment

    In this task the information and input obtained in Task 1 is synthesized in a LDC Assessment that identifies the major goals for the update project, along with recommendations on how to address and integrate these goals in the updated code. The LDC Assessment concludes with a detailed outline of how the updated regulations would be structured if the recommendations in the Assessment are implemented. Public meetings will be conducted on the LDC Assessment to receive public input and direction from Village Council.

  • Task 3: Draft Updated LDC

    Task 3 includes the draft of the updated LDC. Because the LDC is a lengthy document, drafting is divided into two installments. The revisions will be consistent with recommendations in the LDC Assessment and follow the detailed outline. Public meetings will be held on the drafts to receive public input. This task also includes preparing a new zoning map

  • Task 4: Test Draft LDC

    In Task 4, the updated LDC will be tested to verify whether it is achieving the goals for the project. The testing stage includes a side-by-side comparison of four examples of recently-approved development with comparable hypothetical development in accordance with the draft LDC.

  • Task 5: Preparing Public Hearing Draft of LDC

    After the results from testing in Task 4 and input on the draft LDC in Task 3, revisions will be made and a public hearing draft of the updated LDC and zoning map will be prepared. These materials will be reviewed during the public review and public hearing process. The public hearing draft of the LDC is the final, comprehensive set of draft regulations that will be considered for adoption.

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